Cooperative darkroom & workspace for photographers & filmmakers
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / instagram

Collective ownership of the means of photography.

Analog Liberation is a cooperative workspace for analog photographic and motion picture artists managed directly by its members.

We aim to free the analog photographic arts from their industrial doom, and claim them for the amateurs. We approach the photographic arts as their pioneers did, encouraging experimentation, idiosyncrasy, collaboration, and exhibition early and often.

What We Provide

We provide chemicals and equipment for the processing and printing of black-and-white negative and reversal film; equipment for editing and manipulating motion picture film; and support for work in color and alternative photographic processes.


We reject hierarchies as unhelpful distractions from art-making. As a member of Analog Liberation, you have no superiors. However, you are directly responsible for the success of the organization, in terms of its governance, the quality of its services, and the order and cleanliness of its facilities.

Membership: $58/month
Guest Rate: $35/day

If you are interested in membership or using our facilities, email us at

Analog Liberation - 2019